Friday, April 18, 2014

Three Kings still going strong

Josh with a nice 27kg
Hi all just back from another trip to the kings with a bunch of keen kiwi anglers testing out there jigging skills an they were sure tested on some king fish on our first explosive session nearly every jig was getting smashed wearing the boys down after a few drifts, we didn't manage to break the 30kg mark this time but had lots of fish in the mid to high twenty's. We had some nice bass come up an some monster's we couldn't stop, the biggest bass went 60kg's an absolutely stunning fish to see come up from the depth's.
Cheers Steve
Derrick with a 26kg on a stick bait

Andrew with a 24kg

Craig with his 25kg king

Andrew with the 60g show stopper!!!

Andrew with a 23kg

Al with his 22kg king

Andrew's 26kg king

Derrick hooked up at the island's on a stick bait

Craig's nice bass

Josh with a 38kg bass

Sam an josh with a couple of great bass
ROAD CONE with his nice snapper

The good times continue

Stan with a good 37kg model

Greenie close behind with his 35kg kingi
 Hi all, well the Three kings are just a pleasure to be fishing this season with trip after trip coming up roses in the way of some stunning catches, and every trip we have a few changes from the last. The latest trip was with some good ol boys from the hibiscus coast and the marlin that have been so scarce decided to show an appearance with the boys nailing 3 striped and one blue marlin just in their travels, read that not really targeting them, just having a lure over as we ran around. Hapuka was the other change with some real hogs boated the smallest going 25kg !! ,Man this place is a great playground to play in, till next week cheers Lance  
Coop's happy with his 34kg Kingfish

Carl with the showstopper at 38kg

Roudy releases this stunning blue marlin 180kg

Roudy solid hapuka

Greenie lifts his monster puka

Coop's 41kg hapuka

Carl stoked with his huge puka

Coop's struggles to lift this monster at 52kg

Andy with a stripey for the smoker

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monsters at the KINGS!!

Dick with a 32kg Bass
Hi all just back from another awesome trip to the kings with
a group of kiwis on their first time seeing the great fishing
that the Three Kings has to offer an we couldn't have asked for
better weather to go with it. King fish went pretty well although
we only had a couple of short sessions, still managing seven
Kingis over 30kg an the biggest going 34kg all on live bait.
Bass fishing was excellent resulting in good numbers every drift
an good size also, the boys managed to get a couple of giants
from the bottom going 56kg an a huge 62kg!! absolutely stunning
fish. We also done a couple nights out for swords an there seems
to be a few around, we had a few bites an also lost one after three
an a half hours what a bummer!! Well get him next time.
Cheers Steve
Graeham with a nice 28kg bass

What an awesome drift!!

Graeham with a 31kg king

The 62kg monster!!!

Werner with a 30kg

33kg fatty

Mike with his 33kg

John's 34kg

John's nice double

Werner's 27kg king

Werner with another hog
John with another 30kg

Another hog

Stewan with the 53kg